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Team-driven content authoring & automation for secure internal and external documentation.

LATEST v4.0 — performance, LDAP and DB improvements

Quick. Easy. Organized.

Documize is the Knowledge Ops team you never had,
collecting and organizing content day and night.


Centralize internal and external documentation,
and grow your searchable corporate brain.

Document all your projects, products and services
to make know-how available as you grow and scale.

With an open source core, Documize can be used
in the cloud or deployed on-premise.

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Our team has a much easier time managing our business documentation process with Documize. It's proven to be both versatile and easy to use. And the Documize support team has been incredibly fast.

Andrew N, Parkland Fuel, Canada

Documize has revolutionized the way we document our systems and processes. The ease of creating and organizing all of our documentation in one central location has greatly reduced interruptions.

Brad M, eVolve, USA

Documize has organized all our business documentation. It's been easy to deploy within our infrastructure and has been even easier to use. Highly recommended.

Daniel H, Vessinge, Sweden