Securing Documents, Enterprise-wide

Thoughts, insights and best practices around business documentation

What We Know

Document management tools are great for sharing information and letting multiple individual and teams edit and collaborate. But when it comes to security, most tools are either incredible complex to manage or have too little security.

So we end up having:

With so many teams, projects and departments, it’s easy to see why document related tooling spreads so quickly – everyone wants their own space and do things their own way.

Managing user permissions/access control on so many tools is not a easy task.

Start with Spaces

Spaces should be defined in 3 different ways:

  1. Personal spaces for just myself
  2. Team spaces for invited members only
  3. Public spaces which anyone can access

With this model, documents can move between different spaces with access rights defined at the space level. Example:

We’ve accomplished gradual document development whilst controlling increased participations.

What’s the alternative?

Personal, team and public spaces provide the perfect mix of storage and access control.

Refine with Categories

But what happens when you want to temporarily share specific documents with a different team or participant?

Ideally, you would want to group specific documents together and provide temporary ‘outside’ access.

Enter Categories.

Categories allow for multiple secure areas within a space, allowing for multiple teams to work together. You attach/detach both documents and participants to the category. Example:

Nothing gets emailed, leaked, moved, deleted, duplicated or otherwise interferred with.

What’s the alternative?

The combination of spaces and categories provides a unique means to manage every-changing document access control.

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