Self-hosted Knowledge Management

Community is the enterprise-ready feature-packed solution.
Simple, elegant, usable by both technical and non-technical people alike.

organize without folders

Labels, Spaces & Categories

Organize documentation enterprise-wide with zero folders. Assign labels to group similar topics and create spaces to hold related content.

Secured Content

Team, Project, Company-wide

Mix-and-match content organization any which you like. Make it by team, by project or product lines — evolve your strategy over time.

No more writer's block

Two-tier Templates

Put in place reusable templates and snippets catalogue to establish your best practices library. It's dead simple to roll out standards.

Content that breathes

Approvals, Revisions & Lifecycle

Define change control workflows to request, approve and publish changes. Archive the old stuff and keep new content in draft till ready for publication. Leverage version management to support different versions of the same content.


Composable Content Blocks

Compose content with various section types — Rich Text, Code, Markdown, Jira, Trello and more. Embed and show PDF documents, draw diagrams or show external content.

always BE guided

Reporting & Analytics

See what content is being consumed, ignored or is completely missing. Plug your documentation gaps and refine the content that's not quite working as expected.


Self-hosted for complete control

There is no installer — just a single executable brings the power to your server. Set up user authentication and permissions with LDAP, Active Directory or Keycloak.

Self-host on your server — start for free today.

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