Purpose-built knowledge management alternative to Notion.

Documize Community elevates your business with a structure approach towards knowledge management.

1. structure

Organize with purpose

Organize all your documentation with no folders and nested nightmares. Leverage labels to group similar topics and defines spaces to hold related content.


Set the standard

Reusable documentation templates and pre-defined content blocks bring best practice and consistency across the business.

3. scale

Approvals, Revisions & Lifecycle

More content requires better control mechanisms — leverage approval workflows, contribution requests, draft-to-live cycles and version management.

4. insights

Reporting & Analytics

See which content is popular, which content needs revising and who is searching for what?

5. SELf-host

Content security and privacy

Unlike Notion, you can self-host Documize Community on your server. Setup authentication with LDAP, AD, CAS and Redhat Keycloak.

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