Download & Self-host Documize

Install Documize on your box — Linux, Windows, macOS

1 Download Enterprise Edition

Version 3.8.1 is the latest Documize release

Review product release notes

Looking for Team edition download? Download from GitHub

2 Activate Service

Get your free 10 user activation key

Unlocks enterprise edition features

Paste this activation key into your Documize instance (Settings → Billing)

3 Perform Install

Requires database software — PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Percona or MariaDB

Follow Documize installation steps

4 Deployment FAQ

Further clarity around common topics

What are the deployment requirements?

Documize ships as a single binary that is the HTTP/2 web server, front-end and back-end. It's about a 20MB file that has ZERO runtime dependencies. No Java, PHP, .NET, Ruby runtime needed — a DevOps dream.

What are the server requirements?

You can install Documize on Windows, Linux or MacOS servers. Disk space and memory requirements depend on workload. Supported database types: PostgreSQL (9.6+), Microsoft SQL Server (2016+), MySQL (v5.7.10+ and v8.0.12+), Percona (v5.7.16-10+), MariaDB (10.3.0+).

What's the upgrade process for Documize?

It's super simple to keep your Documize instance up-to-date, read all about it.

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Our team has a much easier time managing our business documentation process with Documize. It's proven to be both versatile and easy to use. And the Documize support team has been incredibly fast.

Andrew N, Parkland Fuel, Canada

Documize has revolutionized the way we document our systems and processes. The ease of creating and organizing all of our documentation in one central location has greatly reduced interruptions.

Brad M, eVolve, USA

Documize has organized all our business documentation. It's been easy to deploy within our infrastructure and has been even easier to use. Highly recommended.

Daniel H, Vessinge, Sweden