Hybrid Hosting

You provide the database amd we'll provide the application

Going Hybrid

With data security and privacy issues, Documize provides a hybird hosting model that meets even the most stringient of requirements.

Choose where to host your database — on-premise, private cloud or with AWS, Google or Azure. Secure your database as required to remain compliant with new data privacy regulations.

The data held within a database can remain on-premise, inside a private cloud or even hosted securely by a public cloud provider.

Hybrid Hosting

With hybrid hosting, we will provide the application available on a URL of your choosing.

The application will establish a secure connection to your database as per your IT guidelines.

The application hosted by us is fully managed and we handle the update process for you. This includes database schema updates.

Learn more about the principles behind Documize that support hybrid hosting.


  • Complete data compliance and control
  • Controlled database access control
  • Outsourced application management
  • Automatic application & database updates


Please get in touch to discuss your hybrid hosting requirements.

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Andrew N, Parkland Fuel, Canada

Documize has revolutionized the way we document our systems and processes. The ease of creating and organizing all of our documentation in one central location has greatly reduced interruptions.

Brad M, eVolve, USA

Documize has organized all our business documentation. It's been easy to deploy within our infrastructure and has been even easier to use. Highly recommended.

Daniel H, Vessinge, Sweden