Our Story & Mission

Why Documize exists and our mission

Our Backstory

We software developers are used to having collaborative tooling. We been using IRC, messaging apps like Slack, deployed wiki’s and much more besides. We’ve been using both centralized and de-centralized version control systems for a long time. We’ve evolved from text editors like Vim/Emacs to fully fledged Integrated Development Environments (IDE) like Eclipse and Visual Studio.

When you leverage such tooling along with refined development processes, software development teams can work on the same codebase without much issue.

But it’s the combination of smarter editing through an IDE coupled with revision control and engineering practices that drives the mission behind Documize.

These IDE features mean:

Software engineering tools and practices record and disperse know-how.

Why Documize Exists

Most businesses use a mixture of emails, meetings, messaging apps and traditional wiki-style software to record business know-how.

It is nobody's job to be officially responsible for know-how collection and dissemination across the business. We got rid of filing cabinets a long time ago!

Documize is built to power what we call the enterprise-wide knowledge backbone. It exists to facilitate both the capture and distribution of essential everyday business know-how.

It grows, learns and becomes the corporate information repository, so as people come and go, the know-how remains permanently inside the business.

Knowledge operations are becoming even more critical in the face of information overload and data silos.

Building the enterprise knowledge backbone.

Our Mission

The mission is to give every business worker an Integrated Document Environment (IDE) to handle every phase and action around business documentation.

We want to connect teams, projects and customers through business documentation that shares know-how and provides answers.

The Documize IDE should handle all knowledge operations by unifiying authoring, analytics and automation of business documentation.

The Integrated Document Environment is the Knowledge Ops team you never had.

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Our team has a much easier time managing our business documentation process with Documize. It's proven to be both versatile and easy to use. And the Documize support team has been incredibly fast.

Andrew N, Parkland Fuel, Canada

Documize has revolutionized the way we document our systems and processes. The ease of creating and organizing all of our documentation in one central location has greatly reduced interruptions.

Brad M, eVolve, USA

Documize has organized all our business documentation. It's been easy to deploy within our infrastructure and has been even easier to use. Highly recommended.

Daniel H, Vessinge, Sweden