Innovative Architecture & Technology

Power to you with three deployment options — cloud, hybrid, self-host

Principles Behind Documize

How we develop Documize to give customers flexibility

Open Source Core

Provide an open source Team edition to drive free integrations and continued open product and platform development.

Free Integrations

Allow anyone to develop and share data integrations or add-ons. No walled gardens or add-on fees payable to anyone.

No Lock-in

Ensure a flexible data model so people can move between the open source Team edition and the compelling Enterprise edition.

The principles behind Documize ensure the evolution of Documize continues to cater for different types of businesses and potential use-cases.

Technology Behind Documize

It's how we develop Documize to give customers the freedom they deserve

Performant Stack

Documize is built using Go for the server-side technology and EmberJS for the front-end. All compiled to a single binary file with blistering runtime performance.

Two Editions

Documize comes in two flavors — an open source Team edition and our enhanced Enterprise edition. Easily move between editions with complete data portability.

Innovate Architecture

The same product powers our cloud hosting platform, self-hosting installs and all-new hybrid installations. Freedom to choose the location of both the application and data.

Peace of mind with two product editions built with performant technology and backed by flexible deployment options.

Deployment Your Way

Documize has been crafted to support three product deployment models

Instant Cloud Activation

Sign up to use Documize in our public and secure cloud hosting platform. Classic software-as-a-service with zero IT overhead.

Self-host Behind Firewall

Host Documize on your own servers and connect to your own database. With simple upgrade process, Documize reduces admin overhead.

Hybrid Hosting

You provide the database. We'll host Documize application on our fully managed public cloud with seamless product updates and upgrades.

Hybrid hosting provides an innovate and compelling deployment model giving customers the freedom to host and secure their database. Customers manage their database backups, privacy, access controls and more. Such databases can be hosted by AWS, Google, Azure or even on-premise behind the corporate firewall. Get in touch to learn more.

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Our team has a much easier time managing our business documentation process with Documize. It's proven to be both versatile and easy to use. And the Documize support team has been incredibly fast.

Andrew N, Parkland Fuel, Canada

Documize has revolutionized the way we document our systems and processes. The ease of creating and organizing all of our documentation in one central location has greatly reduced interruptions.

Brad M, eVolve, USA

Documize has organized all our business documentation. It's been easy to deploy within our infrastructure and has been even easier to use. Highly recommended.

Daniel H, Vessinge, Sweden