Scalable alternative to Notion.

Zerabase lifts your product team beyond wiki content and todo lists with a unified approach.

1. batteries included

Capture analytics out-of-the-box

No more missing essentials like metrics tracking.

Zerabase has everything you need to collect the metrics that matter. Publicise key metrics, link them and let everyone appreciate the Why.

2. Beyond ideas

Break it down with parts

Go beyond nested, sub-nested wiki content.

Zerabase is the only solution that helps you define the parts that make up your product — decide and communicate who is responsible for what.

3. scaling up

Work packages make things clear

There is more to todo lists at scale.

Define actual work packages and break them down with clear tasking so everyone knows what is required.

4. sane content

Content matters for products

Documentation, files, discussions and work packages.

Zerabase enables the capture, storage and searching of assets that impact your product and team.

5. free and fast

Sane pricing, snappy desktop app

First two editors are free and you always get unlimited viewers — it's that simple.

Without Zerabase, your missing the built-for-purpose desktop app experience — precisely what product teams needs today.

Ready to dive in? Start for free today.

Helping organizations worldwide achieve better outcomes
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